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History of the monument

The château of Cadillac is a reflection of the supreme power of Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette, the first Duke of Epernon. The young man from Gascony, who went on to become a favourite of Henry III of France, amassed substantial honours and wealth before dying in disgrace under the reign of Louis XIII.


The duke’s residence was built in the early 17th century, and is one of the leading examples of French-style architecture. Its stunning, rich interior décor includes panelling and painted ceilings, sumptuous, monumental fireplaces made from marble and sculpted stone, and more than 30 contemporary tapestries.

The property bears the hallmarks of more than 100 years of prison occupation, between the early 19th century and the 1950s. It nevertheless provides an adequate illustration of the Duke of Epernon’s motto: Adversis clarius ardet – “He shines brightest in adversity”.

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